Members of the Iola Historical Society at a 1960 meeting: From left: Clarence Paulson, Oscar Amundson, Ernest Lutz, Mrs Clarence Cleaves, Mrs. Clarence Paulson, Mrs. Cora Krause, Mrs. Albert Weinmann, Mrs. Ernest Lutz, Sadie Edwards, Mrs. Minnie Taylor, Mrs. Florence Oligney.
Society Founding

The Iola Historical Society was founded October 28, 1953, at a meeting of interested persons held at the home of R.E. Cleaves. Elected founding officers were Mrs. R. Cleaves, President; Mrs. F.C. Wipf, Vice-President; Mrs. G. H. Willet, Secretary; and Mrs. Ellsworth Oligney, Treasurer.

Meetings and Events

The Iola Historical Society meets at 6:30 p.m. on the last Monday of each month--January through--and holds an annual banquet meeting in December. Guests are qlways welcome to meetings and special events. The Society Hosts an annual Strawberry Festival, usually on the fourth sunday in June. Strawberry shortcake and other refreshments are available and all buldings are open for docent conducted visits and individual inspection. it also presents an annual Lost Arts Fair and Taste of Norway fall festival, generally on the first Saturday in October. This event features artisans demonstrating a variety of skills from food preparation to blacksmithing, with refreshments also being available.

Help Us Preserve History

Donations and loans of historical relics and records for exhibit and archiving at the Iola Historical Society are always welcome. For those so inclined, the Society also seeks to enlist the services of volunteers to assist in organizing the development and maintenance of its historic properties and rtifacts. For those who enjoy meeting and sharing with the public, we offer opportunities to serve as docents in the welcoming and touring of visitors.

Become A Member

For just $20 a year you can be a member of the Iola Historical Society, contributing to sharing the history and heritage of our community with residents and friends of he present and future. The Society would welcome support and involvement at whatever level and manner individuals might be comfortable with.