Restoration Projects
1) Establish a significant permanent endowment to provide an ongoing income stream for maintaining and promoting IHS objectives and properties; fundraising drive required.
2) Renovate the original 1894 Iola & Northern Railroad depot.
3) Renovate the caboose to traditional early 20th century railroad style.
4) Finish upgrading the inside ambience of the former Lashua shop area (210 Depot Street) to a museum atmosphere setting.
5) Resurface the south and east walls of the 210 Depot Street building with old barn boards in the style of a vintage livery stable.
6) Develop gravel or like pathways connecting the buildings in the Iola Historic Village complex, include reworking of perimeter fencing, incorporating vintage street lighting and establishing a main entrance gate area.
7) Construct a late-1800s, early 1900 era mercantile store building, position between the Helvetia Town Hall and the Iola Firehouse.
8) Develop a village square setting in the center of the Iola Historic Village complex.
Construct a village square bandstand in a style akin to that of the bandstand that served the Village of Iola in the early 1900s.
10) Acquire and cosmetically renovate/restore a vintage 4-4-0 locomotive to position at the old depot with the caboose.
Ongoing: Encourage donations of historic artifacts from Iola and the adjacent area, with an emphasis on items adding to the vinatage decor of the interiors of the depot, town hall, school, log cabin, firehouse and mercantile store, along with other items for preservation and display in the Society's museum structure.